"We're having rave reviews from our customers regarding the water and love the convenience that it has provided us. We are very happy with the Q water system and endorse it to all who ask."

    • Chef Paul Rogalski, Chief Culinary Officer/Co-Owner

  • Toqué! Restaurant

    "Toqué! a Montreal Relais & Châteaux restaurant has become known over more than 20 years for sourcing the very best local products – from vegetables, to meats, to fish from the St-Lawrence estuary, fresh herbs and much more. We are now delighted to be serving Q water which in fact is also about local sourcing. Q water has earned a welcome position on our menus because it is an ideal ecologically sound complement (no transportation of water, nor storage, no more bottles to recycle). It is simply the freshest tasting, highly efficient clean table water very much appreciated by our clients."

    • Christine Lamarche

  • NOtaBLE

    "Last night I had Q water for the first time at NOtaBLE in Calgary. I am fairly picky when it comes to drinking water and this water was amazing. I am aware that Q water is focused on providing water for commercial operations but I was just wondering if there is any plans for Q water to be available for households? "

    • Kyle Schaub

  • Palais Royale

    "Palais Royale is an event venue in Toronto that caters to all kinds of events. With every event we must serve water. We were going through an incredible amount of glass and plastic water bottles, not just for our guests, but for our large staff as well."

    • Joseph Borg, Palais Royale

  • Mercatto

    "People like that it is very good tasting water, clean and not so mineralesque as some bottled water tend to be. The servers are finding their own way to sell it and make it a must at their tables."

  • BLU Ristorante

    "Q water has been a huge success with our customers. Not only do they love the sleek look of the glass pitchers, but they also love the clean, fresh taste. Thanks to Q water, we are able to minimize storage space without numerous bottles and reduce waste!"

    • BLU Ristorante

  • Laura Macrumi

    "[The] community is reacting quite well to it. We expected a couple of die hard Pellegrino fans to cause a stir...but the blind tasting with your product and theirs resulted in a positive turn in attitude."

    • Laura Macrumi, Restaurant General Manager

  • Ross and Wendy Midgley

    "It makes sense to take advantage of our perfectly good tap water and turn it into a smooth, clean tasting water without the added expense and inconvenience of bottled water not to forget about the health and environmental benefits too."

    Ross and Wendy Midgley

  • Jon Geneau

    "I’ve never really noticed much of a difference between bottled water/brita/some tap water but there’s clearly something special going on here. The smoothness of the water on the tongue is quite amazing and the sparkling is just as great; it makes 8-10 glasses a day pleasurable. Hope to see you at the Apex show. "

  • Scilla Studios

    Sparkling water on tap!!! A must have feature that was requested by our clients for this new office space that we have designed and built for them. We love how this @qwater.ontap system is integrated so seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen. You can even add different flavours to it should you fancy!

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