What we are all about

 Q water systems deliver fresh, purified chilled water with every pour, unlike bottled water which can sit for months before consumption. Still or sparkling, customize to suit your needs;

Dispensed in our elegant glass decanters or classic milk jugs.  Water has truly met luxury. 


Consumers are enjoying Q water all across Canada and the United States.

benefits to consumers

Less costs than purchasing single-use local or imported bottles.
Great tasting  and healthy product,
fresh on every pour. 

benefits to Businesses

 water eliminates purchasing, inventory, refrigerating and recycling of bottled water.
Can also increases profit margins
when sold by the glass.

Towers & vessels

Q water - sample of co-branded vessels -



Q water tower

Dispense on demand chilled water.

Q water .5 and 1L decanter - white and b


Pair our still and sparkling water with beautiful high quality decanters.


The Classic Milk Jug

Durable and timeless Q  water milk jugs for still and sparkling water.

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