Water Ripples

Eco friendly, 

cost effective.

Unique on-tap water filtration system

eliminates unnecessary waste while delivering

high quality still and sparkling water.

Water bottles saved from landfills: 



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Filtration system

Q water's premium 4 tier water filtration system provides still or sparkling water without added sodium.  

Dispensed into our elegant glass decanters or classic milk jugs.


Water has truly met luxury



purchasing, shipping, refrigerating

and disposal of bottled still and

sparkling water.



& Bars

Hotels, Resorts

& Casinos

Banquet & 

Conference Centers



Event & Seasonal Rentals 

Spas &

Fitness Clubs

University, Colleges

& Schools


Towers & Vessels 


Q  water towers and water filtration systems.


Elegant Decanters for presentation of still and sparkling Q  water .

Classic Milk Jugs

Durable and timeless Q  water Classic Milk Jugs for still and sparkling water.


Environmentally Conscious

Without single-use bottles or delivery, Q water is designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable.


Bottled water can sit for months before consumption, the Q water system delivers fresh, refined tasting water with every pour.

Our dinner tables are becoming greener and greener. As local produce and sustainable food choices are inundating the market, consumers are now assessing what they drink. As this informed market rejects bottled water, alternatives are emerging. water provides a local product, city by city.

Water bottles saved from landfills:



If every restaurant, business and home across

North America incorporated Q water, millions of glass and plastic bottles would be saved each year from landfill sites.

 "Repackaging filtered water - Brilliant!"

- Arlene Dickinson, of Dragons' Den 

Customer Reviews

"It makes sense to take advantage of our perfectly good tap water and turn it into a smooth, clean tasting water without the added expense and inconvenience of bottled water not to forget about the health and environmental benefits too."

• Ross and Wendy Midgley

"Q water has been a huge success with our customers. Not only do they love the sleek look of the glass pitchers, but they also love the clean, fresh taste. Thanks to Q water, we are able to minimize storage space without numerous bottles and reduce waste!"


• BLU Ristorante

"[The] community is reacting quite well to it. We expected a couple of die hard Pellegrino fans to cause a stir...but the blind tasting with your product and theirs resulted in a positive turn

in attitude."


• Laura Macrumi, Restaurant General Manager 

"With Q water we plan to save 48,00 water bottles over the weekend."


• Gusto 101 Restaurant,

Proceeds from the money saved without the use of

water bottles were donated to Gusto Mini Chefs Program.



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Water Ripples

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Toronto Head Office 

5 Shields Court, Unit 109 

Markham ON, L3R 0G3

Toll Free:        1-877-752-0808

Phone:              905-752-0808

Fax:                   905-752-3100

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