Q waterlogic Residential and Small Office

  • Advanced carbonation technology with 10lb and 20lb tank options
  • Ultraviolet technology to eliminate bacteria
  • Designed for high capacity use
  • Offers a wide range of water options including hot and sparkling water
  • Available in freestanding and counter-top models
  • Digital display with multiple language settings
  • UV sensor and drip tray alarm
  • Double integral cup dispenser
  • Sleep mode to save energy when the machine is not in use
  • Drip tray drainage option
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Water Options Technical Features
Cold Water
Sparkling Water
Hot Water
Type Available Free Standing
Counter Top
Freestanding Dimentions 16.9in (W) x 50in (H) x 19.6in (D)
Counter top Dimentions 16.9in (W) x 18.11in (H) x 19.6in (D)
Dispense area height 6.6”
Weight Freestanding: 105 LBS
Counter top: 73 LBS
Filtration Supplied Q water filtration
Additional Features UV sensor
Leak Detection
Sleep mode
Fully Programmable
2 liters
1 liter
2 liters
Compressor 120v/60Hz compressor
Water Temprature Cold: 41°F/5°C
Hot: 189°F/87°C
Co2 Contact Q water for assistance
Tested and Certified

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