We would like to introduce Q water, our premium filtered water, in Still or Sparkling. It is Clean and Fresh tasting, without any added sodium. Q water is an environmentally friendly product. We reuse our glass Decanters and Classic Milk Jugs which eliminates the purchasing, inventorying, refrigeration and recycling of bottled water.

The Demand

Our dinner tables are becoming greener and greener. As local produce and sustainable food choices are inundating the market, consumers are now assessing what they drink. Is it healthy? Is it environmentally sound? As this informed market rejects bottled water, alternatives are emerging.

Enjoy a glass

Specifically designed for the restaurant and hospitality industries, Q water offers a unique 4-stage filtration system. Each and every glass of water produced is clean and fresh tasting without any added sodium

The exclusive Q water filtration system includes sediment and carbon filters to reduce particles of sand, silt and rust, and also provides reduction of chlorine taste, organic chemicals, lead and odors associated with tap water. An additional Q water polishing filter smoothes the taste & standardizes the beverage quality. The end result is the freshest, best tasting water you have ever tasted - still or sparkling.

Refined Tasting Water

Our refined tasting water has been enjoyed by thousands of Canadians. We offer both Still and Sparkling water that is dispensed in our elegant glass Decanters or Classic Milk Jugs. Water has truly met luxury.


Q water is committed to providing the cleanest tasting water with our 4 tier filtration system. This water is freshly filtered to order. Our service department is always available to ensure that the Q water system is operating at optimum capacity.


Our system is designed to provide the clearest tasting water available. Bottled water can sit for months before consumption, the Q water system delivers fresh, refined tasting water every single time. Consumers are enjoying the taste of Q water all across Canada.


Our system is designed around an eco-friendly sustainability without bottles or delivery. If every restaurant across Canada incorporated the Q water system, millions of glass and bottles would be saved each year.